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Budj Bim Cultural Landscape
2 hour ~ 8 hours
Min numbers:
On demand

Tour Pricing

From $65 per person

Corporate, club, association & not-for-profit groups.

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We offer specialised cultural tours suitable for clubs, associations and corporate groups. Tours focus on the abundant natural assets in and around the UNESCO World Heritage listed Budj Bim Cultural Landscape.

Tours are tailored to suit each group, and combine content including;

  • Gunditjmara history & culture
  • Aboriginal language
  • Ancient aquaculture
  • Geography & geology
  • Climate & sustainability
  • Flora & fauna

Each tour is escorted by a Gunditjmara guide, and covers the rich Aboriginal heritage of the area and the Gunditjmara's interaction with this very special place. Choose from:

Sites covered can include:

  • Tae Rak (Lake Condah) - wetlands, lava flows, marine and bird life, and eel traps.
  • Budj Bim National Park - Budj Bim volcano, Lake Surprise, lava tunnels, cave, forest
  • Kurtonitj - stone eel traps, stone channels, stone house sites, eel smoking trees and seasonal calendar.
  • Tyrandarra Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) - a traditional meeting place, ceremonial site and camping area for the Gunditjmara people. (Access by special request only and may not be available).

Itineraries can also be tailored to suit individual group requirements. (Subject to availability & additional costs may apply)

Fee Includes:

Gunditjmara guide, activities and access fees. Group rates do not include transport or meals.

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Did you know?

Tae Rak is estimted to have been formed about 8,000 years ago as a result of the basalt flow impounding the flow of the Darlot Creek and Condah Swamp outfall.

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