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Eel Basekt Guide 146


Kurtonitj | Budj Bim | Tae Rak
Half day
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Wed ~ Sun from 9:30am

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From $155 per adult
From $115 per child

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The tour starts with a visit to the Kurtonitj Indigenous Protected Area (IPA)

Kurtonitj (meaning 'crossing place') is in the centre of the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape and has historical stone kooyang (eel) traps and stone channels, stone house sites and eel smoking trees. Your guide will show you these sites, as well as:

  • an ancient smoking tree used for smoking kooyang (eels)
  • an area of lava flow featuring two weirs
  • a dam associated with trapping and holding kooyang

After Kurtonitj visit Budj Bim National Park where you will enjoy morning tea.

Budj Bim is a Gunditjmara name for Mount Eccles, an inactive volcano located within the Western Victorian Volcanic Plains. The Gunditjmara call the area ‘Tungatt Mirring’ or Stone Country, and it is where the legend of Budj Bim began.

Your guide will take you on a cultural walk with key features of interest including Lake Surprise, lava tunnels, caves, forest, and wildlife including an extensive koala population.

After Budj Bim, return to the Tae Rak Aquaculture Centre & Café, arriving approximately 1pm. (Lunch not included)

  • Participants have the option to join the 2pm Guided Cultural Walk of Tae Rak (Lake Condah) - Additional cost

Tour Fee Includes:

Gunditjmara Aboriginal guide, transport, guided cultural walks, access fees.

A kooyang (eel) tasting plate can be ordered for an additional cost. 

Did you know?

Kurtonitj (meaning 'crossing place') is sacred to the Gunditjmara people with enormous cultural, archaeological and environmental significance.

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